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About MonsterBall League

MonsterBall League is a 2 vs 2 sport game. Your aim is to throw a ball into the opponent goal with the help of your teammate. So what's new then? The ball is a tiny monster that doesn't like very much to be beaten. Often, during a game, the ball transforms itself and tries to throw you into your own goal.


  • Left joystick : MOVE
  • A (Xbox Controller) : HIT / HOLD YOUR HIT

The game includes a twitter feed in the bottom of your arena.
Write to @MBL_GAME on twitter to see your message broadcasted during the game.

Installation instructions

  • Download the zip and extract it. Launch MBL.exe.
  • Get 4 Xbox controllers plugged in (or plug in any other pad that you have set with an Xbox controller emulator).
  • Get 3 Friends and a couch.
  • Get Internet and more friends to comment your game on twitter.

Credits & Contacts

mbleague@outlook.fr | Twitter | Youtube

  • Aurélien PICOLET: Game Design, Programming [Twitter]
  • Ludovic GERAERT: Game Design, Animation
  • Vincent SWAENEPOEL: Programming [Twitter]
  • Nicolas MAHIEU: Sound Design, Music
  • Kévin ORNON: Art, User Experience
  • Justin GUILBERT: Art, Production [Twitter]

The game was created as a student project in 3 months at the ENJMIN (French videogame school).


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